Chip removing process:

CNC 4-axis maching centers  X=500; Y=300; Z=250 / X=1200; Y=500; Z=600

CNC-Tool Milling Machine X=700; Y=550; Z=500

Tool Milling Machine X=400; Y=200; Z=300

CNC-Lathe 300 x 300

Centre Lathe 360 x 800

Automatic Circular Cold Saws

Metall Saws

Drilling Machines

Non-cutting machining:

Hydraulic Universal Press 600 kN

Hydraulic Plate Shaers 3000 x 6

CNC Press Brake 3000; 1000 kN

Further production facilities include:

Welder (MIG, MAG, WIG), welding table 2000 x 1000 x 800

Powder coating (max. size of parts 1200 x 1200 x 1200)

Complete production and assembly of constructions and machinery

Further production facilities in collaboration with reliable partners, e.g.:

Laser technology, AL-foundry, galvanic surface treatment